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Company Profile

Your Partner for Photochemical Etching

The etching technology developed in the late 60s to a metal machining process, which has become an alternative and supplement especially for stamping in the field of microelectronics.

Based on our history, the precision of leadframes for the semiconducter industry with the most complex geometries and refining processes has always been our world.

Our know how comes from our successes in the semiconductor industry, this precision, we always feel obliged and it has been always the base for all further innovations.


The transfer of applications of this market segment to Far East created a lot of room for applications from small batches to millions of units.

 Today, there is an own specific market of both - on the one hand the diverse technological applications and on the other hand the decorative segments.

Currently we produce with the manufacturing of etching a variety of filters, screen, mesh,pins, contacts, functional surfaces, Leadframes and other micro-mechanical components for nearly all areas of life.

 It is important to us also, to manufacture Your parts in in agreement with our environment by regenerating etching media in our own treatment plant and lead it back into the productionprocess.

 Benefit from our years of experience and therefore a professional and reliable operation. See for yourself and take a look at our brochure or visit us here in Gransee personally at our production base.

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